Antonio david pelo antes y después

Antonio david pelo antes y después

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The rumors about the graft were unleashed and some time later were confirmed when the tennis player showed a stronger and more abundant hair. Nevertheless, it seems that Nadal has continued to lose density in some areas.

The world of politics is also not free from succumbing to the charms of these transplants. The change of image with which José Bono surprised the whole country is well known. The former Minister of Defense and President of the Congress of Deputies, encouraged by his wife, underwent a hair transplant in 2009.

the dirty maneuver of fidel albiac and rocío carrasco against

Once finished (apparently) his legal conflicts with Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David Flores has decided to relax and dedicate himself to himself. Diez Minutos magazine publishes a remarkable photograph that proves it: Rociíto’s ex has undergone a hair implant, and looks very different from his usual mane.

Antonio David chose the Fue technique, which consists of extracting follicles from the back or side of the scalp and implanting them in the front area, hair by hair. It does not require stitches and heals in just a few days, although the change of look – bald and swollen – of Antonio David’s head leaves no room for doubt.


After the operation, Rociíto’s ex said goodbye to the manager of the center at the door, smiling, ready to debut his new image on television, where he wants to return after being exonerated of abuse.WHAT IS THE TRANSPLANT? ‘FUE’ TECHNIQUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)Of the two varieties of implants more known and successful, Antonio David has chosen the technique known as ‘FUE’. It consists of extracting one by one the hair follicles from the back or lateral area of the scalp (where there is usually no problem of hair loss) and implanting them in the front area (where it is usually thinning) to repopulate.

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the dirty play of rocío carrasco and fidel albiac

Rafael Nadal, more than one hair graft 2.- Reina Letizia, the female hair graft 3.- Jose Antonio Avilés, hair transplant in Madrid 4.- Isabel Preysler, specialized areas 5.- Victor Sandoval, a hair transplant sounded 6.- Antonio David Flores, hair by hair 7.

Not a hair of fools! Actors, sportsmen, politicians and TV presenters are the ones who most demand this kind of aesthetic surgery. But what does it consist of, is it cost-effective and does it really help them look good?

The technique used is called «FUE», «Follicular Unit Extraction», a method by which hairs from the nape of the neck are transplanted one by one. It is a technique that works perfectly, since the hairs on the nape of the neck never fall out, not even in bald people.

Antonio David chose a well-known clinic in Malaga for the procedure, which he decided to perform in two different sessions. It is a completely personalized treatment, so it is not known how much has been transplanted. It is estimated that this type of grafts range between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

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