Cancion de los morancos despacito

Cancion de los morancos despacito

1:20madriz madriz madriz madriz – los morancos (parodia)los morancos oficialyoutube – 20 mar 2021

Now it’s the turn of the most viewed songs. Surely all of you have guessed that Luis Fonsi’s Despacito would be at the top of the ranking. In fact, the video clip has become the most viewed video in the history of Youtube. Congratulations!

The list is completed by videos that really hit it big. Who didn’t look for Manel Navarro’s performance at Eurovision with his tremendous rooster? The best thing to do is to take a look for yourselves. I’m sure you’ll be entertained for a while. Here it is:

the morancos badly

The popularity of Luis Fonsi’s song is undeniable. Just take a look at the figures: the official video on YouTube is on its way to 3 billion views. Perhaps because of the musical gimmick that makes it different, as we explain in this article.

Mexican singer and impersonator Francisco Puga signs a video very similar to the previous one. He imitates several Latin American artists, including Vicente Fernández, Chabelo, Gloria Trevi and Paquita la del Barrio. It has had 15 million reproductions since the end of June.

Norwegian Leo Moracchioli is the author of one of the most recent versions that have caught the attention of the media. This artist had already done the same with Hello by Adele or Let it go by Frozen.

Atletico de Madrid fans have also covered Despacito at the Vicente Calderon. The chorus carries a message to the players: «Pongan huevos». The song also has a version with a single performer on YouTube.

los morancos second wave

In September 2008, a single Live Your Life by T.I. appeared, whose lyrics (at the beginning) are based on it. In July 2012, a single My Life Is a Party by ItaloBrothers appeared, the melody of which is based on Dragostea din tei.

In October 2018, Dan Balan, former leader of the group, releases together with Marley Waters the song «Numa Numa 2», changing the lyrics in several parts except for the chorus, just like other remixes of songs like Despacito, Shaky Shaky, Te boté or Con calma.[citation needed]

3:03 «hasta las mismas maracas» – los vacunitas / los …los morancos oficialyoutube – 5 mar 2021

Los Morancos have done it again. This time their social criticism, has been dedicated to justice, the Nóos case and Urdangarin, and as always… it had to be to the rhythm of a hit song, and they couldn’t have chosen a better one.

«It’s a crime if the one who steals is a poor guy, they’ll charge him in a moment and he’ll go to jail quickly…» is one of the phrases we can hear in this parody, which has already been praised, applauded and very well received by those who have had the privilege of listening to it.

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