Rayo vallecano de madrid raúl martín presa

Rayo vallecano de madrid raúl martín presa

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In addition to its sporting achievements, the club is internationally known for its socio-cultural particularities (a neighborhood club, working class, left-wing, etc.), with repercussions both at literary[4][5][6][6][7][8] level.

On May 29, 1924 the Agrupación Deportiva El Rayo was founded, in the home of Prudencia Priego, widow of Huerta, being its first president Julián Huerta Priego. The team’s original uniform was a white shirt and white shorts, with black socks and a white back. Their first playing field was the Campo de las Erillas, located in an open field, which they rented and conditioned for the matches. Nowadays, it would be located in the block formed by Manuel Maroto, Palomeras, Cordillera de Cuera and Blanca Luna streets.

As proof of the admiration of the Rayistas directors for River Plate, taking advantage of the fact that during the pre-season River Plate went to play a match with Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, the directors approached the Argentine delegation, giving them a photo of the Rayista team autographed by the players. The Argentineans responded by giving Rayo two sets of shirts with «La Banda Roja» and shorts, which to this day remain on our jersey.

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El Rayo Vallecano se fundó el 29 de mayo de 1924 en la ciudad natal de Prudencia Priego, esposa del primer presidente del club, Julián Huerta. Muy inspirado en el River Plate (un club de fútbol argentino), en 1949, tras un acuerdo con el Atlético de Madrid, se añadió una franja diagonal roja a la equipación del equipo, y el club alcanzó la Tercera División por primera vez en su historia[3].

El Rayo Vallecano, uno de los eternos yoyós del fútbol español, y siempre a la sombra de los dos grandes clubes de la ciudad (Real Madrid y Atlético Madrid), pasó muchos años durante las décadas de 1980 y 1990 oscilando entre la Liga y la Segunda División. La temporada 1983-84 fue la peor de la década de 1980. El club terminó en la última posición de Segunda División y descendió a Segunda División B[4].

Debido a una tragedia, el Rayo Vallecano resultó ser el último club de Laurie Cunningham, que falleció en un accidente de tráfico a las afueras de Madrid en 1989, tras una única temporada. El año anterior había ganado una medalla de campeón de la Copa de la F.A. con el Wimbledon F.C. de Inglaterra y también había representado a sus vecinos del Real Madrid durante cuatro años.

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«In the end a team like Rayo the transfer markets are very intense. There are many operations being worked on at the same time. You have to have alternatives: A, B and C. The markets are complicated. But well, in the end we have achieved in most of the positions the first options we have looked for. It has cost a lot and we believe that we have in a very high percentage a squad like the one we wanted to have and we are happy with the transfer market».

«There are no defaults. The person has left the club due to circumstances that right now are not yet the time to comment on and is being put in order. This month there was a little more delay in making payments to players than normal, but we are going two days … Because we had to access to redo the database of bank accounts which this person had and we could not recover them. In that aspect it is up to date and in a transition phase in that aspect, but everything is under control».

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The former president of Rayo Vallecano Teresa Rivero and two of her sons have declared today in the trial that they did not intervene in operations of the club for which they are accused of defrauding the Treasury and that all decisions were taken by the husband of the first one, the deceased businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos.

The Court of Madrid has rejected today the request of the former president of Rayo Vallecano Teresa Rivero and six other defendants accused of defrauding the Treasury of 10,800,000 euros, including two of her sons, to annul the trial for violation of rights in evidence provided by the State Attorney’s Office.

Ukrainian striker Roman Zozulya, who has been in Seville during the month of February training with Betis while waiting to solve his unsuccessful transfer to Rayo, should join the Vallecano team on Wednesday, March 1, and be put under the orders of Míchel.

Ukrainian striker Roman Zozulya, who is training with Betis after his failed loan spell at Rayo Vallecano, declared that «if there was the slightest possibility of returning to Dnipro I would walk there», because he is «ready» to play.

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