Viña albali valdepeñas futbol sala

Viña albali valdepeñas futbol sala

first division futsal

The Balearics comfortably beat Zaragoza after a great first half and their opponent in the semis will come out of the tie between Barça and Movistar Inter, who meet today (20h./BarçaTV, Teledeporte) at the Palau. Higor put the win on track with a brace in the first four minutes and Hamza, Rafa López and Vilela made it 5-0 before the break. Zaragoza pulled one back with a Basile goal, Nunes restored Palma’s lead, but Rafa Lopez scored an own goal to make it 6-2. Lolo, Richi Felipe, Nunes again and Cléber added to the goal-fest to make the final score 9-3.

rivas futsal

Thus, the high defense made it difficult for the locals, despite the territorial dominance, although it was ElPozo Murcia who warned in the 2nd minute, through Rafa Santos, who forced Edu to send for a corner.

Cainan had a chance in the 12th minute, forcing Juanjo to do his best, and also in the 13th minute, alone in front of the good Murcian goalkeeper, Alex García did not know how to solve the problem, who tried a lob and went off injured.

With 4’40 to the end of the first half, ElPozo committed the fifth foul, without consequences until the end of the first 20 minutes, as the charcuteros kept well, without the need to force more fouls and well supported by the good ciezano goalkeeper, Juanjo Angosto.

In the 23rd minute, a foul by Matteus, on Matheus Preá, who with a turn, was going alone, led to a direct shot by Cainan that Juanjo repelled with his foot, as Edu also saved with his foot, a shot by Pol Pacheco in the 25th minute.

A departure of Sergio Gonzalez, in the 28th minute, with sending Catela, the left wing Cadiz, well armed the shot and sent to corner Juanjo, as did the Ciezano in the middle of the second half, minute 30, sending to the corner, another shot from Cainan.

indoor soccer

The La Mancha side arrive wounded after their elimination in the Copa del Rey against Levante by 8-1 and the defeat this Thursday in a postponed match corresponding to the second day, a match that faced Jaén Paraíso Interior and that meant the first defeat at home in a pavilion that until now seemed impregnable.

In 6th place, the «verdiblancos» face this match with the mind set on getting a victory that would be the third consecutive one after the ones obtained against Cordoba and Inter. Juanito will not be able to count on Víctor Arévalo who suffers a grade I-II injury in the semitendinosus of his left leg, which will keep him out of the field for several weeks.


La reacción fue inmediata y en la siguiente jugada, Adolfo culminó un contraataque dirigido por Boyis para hacer el 1-7. Aicardo y Ferrao añadieron dos más en los dos minutos siguientes (1-9, min 33) antes de que el joven Álex Naranjo lograra el consuelo en los últimos minutos para hacer el 2-9 definitivo.

Goles: 0-1 Esquerdinha (min 3), 0-2 Boyis (min 5), 0-3 Boyis (min 7), 0-4 Esquerdinha (min 17), 0-5 Arthur (min 20), 0-6 Ferrao (min 26). 1-6 Zamo (min 31), 1-7 Adolfo (min 31), 1-8 Aicardo (min 32), 1-9 Ferrao (min 33), 2-9 Álex Naranjo (min 36).

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