Guia turistica mallorca pdf gratis

Guia turistica mallorca pdf gratis

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It is difficult to cover so much of the capital of Mallorca that we will only concentrate on the most iconic and must-see sights. Of course the unique old town where the history of Palma is told through its streets, museums, churches and squares in a spectacular medieval style. La Lonja as a place for backpackers and the curious is more open than the discreet and bohemian neighborhood of Santa Catalina. Besides that a lot of stores of fine merchandise, restaurants of high gastronomy match in its boulevards. In addition, its nightlife centers and urban beaches are always crowded with visitors in high season. The effort to mention the most relevant is a special mention to its port with an infinity of aquatic and cultural activities that with the beauty and the sea has been a success for thousands of ships to dock at its docks with adventurers of the Mediterranean.

It is part of a peninsula of Pollensa at the northern end of the island. In terms of nature this point is very representative in the region. It is a tourist site to drive to this cliff accessible thanks to a road full of curves; be careful if you travel with sensitive people. Its cliffs are a real trophy after the tour; its height exceeds 100 meters has as a reward some panoramic views from which you will not want to look away. Along the 18 kilometers route you will have different sequential views. It should be noted that the route is not at all boring, there are beaches from which we can take a dip; as if it were a ritual before going up. The best part of the climb is the lighthouse, where the height will give us the opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy a super cool temperature.

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Cuevas del Drach is an impressive network of caves located in a former fishing village called Porto Cristo, 65 kilometers from Palma. The caves are two kilometers long and thousands of incredible stalactites and stalagmites are distributed among the three chambers. Guided tours of one hour are available.

The narrow streets of the old city speak of centuries of seafaring, intercontinental trade and cross-cultural encounters. Stroll through one of the largest areas of old buildings in Europe, admire the palaces and visit the luxurious hotels, stores and bars.

Dizzying roads and dramatic cliffs. Here, in the northwest of Mallorca, the landscape is wild and imposing. People crowd the viewpoints along the roadside to take their coveted panoramic photo, as they feel the goose bumps rise on their skin.

Bellver Castle is a well-preserved 14th century royal fortress with a breathtaking view over the bay of Palma. For many centuries, the castle was used as a prison and is now one of the island’s main tourist attractions. The castle also houses the Palma History Museum, where you can learn more about the island’s rich heritage.

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We have prepared a guide so that you can get an idea of the most interesting things to see in Mallorca during 3 days. We imagine that, if you are reading this, it will be because you are interested in visiting this wonderful island and enjoying its monuments, museums and sanctuaries. However, if what you want is to enjoy its fantastic beaches, you will also find useful information in this guide.

Before starting with the travel guide of Mallorca we want to give you a gift, it is a great gift, a FREE Tour of 2 hours through the historic center of the city with a guide in which you will see many of the things we have prepared for day 1 of the guide. The best starting point for your trip. Book your FREE TOUR of Mallorca (Free).

The current gardens had been part of the Royal Palace of the Almudaina, it seems that it was an orchard (and hence the name), with fruit trees and where vegetables, medicinal plants and ornamental plants were grown; it was surrounded by a wall and closed on the sea side, by the Cavalry Barracks, and on the north side by the gardener’s house.Perhaps the most notable element of the current gardens is the arch of «la Drassana» that flies over the swan lake, as it is probably of Arab origin.

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Undoubtedly the best option to visit Mallorca and enjoy the most of everything what to do and what to see in Mallorca are the months of May, early June and September, since the weather in Mallorca is still very good but there are much less people. The months of July and August are characterized by being at full capacity, but well, we cannot always choose. Traveling to Mallorca in winter also has its charm, being able to discover the most special corners of the island in a more private way.

What a full day awaits us at the beginning of our trip to Mallorca. Let’s start with some of the most beautiful coves that we have next to Palma, Cala Illetas. It is characterized by a very clear water, and with many beach bars to have a drink if we feel like it with beautiful views.

A good way to finish the day can be to have dinner in Deyá, to only 6 kilometers of Sa Foradada it is a beautiful town that is characterized to have good restaurants in Majorca. Here I recommend you to have a beer with lots of atmosphere at the bar Sa Fonda, it’s really cool!

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