Animal crossing new leaf caras

Animal crossing new leaf caras

With the day of the pranks comes revenge #150 animal

As a novelty in this game of the saga, when you arrive in the town you will be named mayor, allowing you to perform new actions that did not exist before. If you start a new game in a game you have already played before, the character creation process will be the same, but you will not be asked the name of the town and when you arrive you will be a normal inhabitant and not the mayor (who will still be the first player to create the town). In each game, there can be up to four residents (counting the mayor) in the same village.

Once you have created a village, you can rebuild it if you want (before entering the game), by talking to Canela (the character who asks you to confirm the date and time). If you do so, everything you have achieved will be lost (as if it had never been played), deleting all the inhabitants, and the entire village. This way you can start with another village from the beginning, but remember that you will not keep anything you had in the previous one.

Once your character has been created you will arrive at the village and get off the train. Go south to exit the station. Outside the station the villagers will be waiting to greet you.

Acnl – como conseguir todas las herramientas de plata y oro

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Animal crossing new leaf in english

In total Fran will ask you four questions, in the first one you can choose between three answers, from there, in the rest of the questions you will have to choose between two possible answers. The answers you give Fran will determine how your face looks in New Leaf, as it has in all Animal Crossing games to date.

As there is no way to know which face you will end up with depending on the answer you choose, below I leave this image for you to know exactly what face you will have if you choose one answer or another, as you can see you have the example in both boys and girls, this way, if you like any special face you can know what answers you have to say to Fran to have it, that easy!

Animal crossing – presentation trailer (nintendo 3ds)

One of the fastest ways to get berries in Animal Crossing New Leaf is to visit the cities of other users, so making friends online in the Nintendo 3DS game is essential to get good money. Here are a couple of actions with which to get many berries in the cities of your friends.

In the city of Animal Crossing New Leaf there are a lot of rocks and one of them hides a lot of berries that you can get every day by just hitting it with your hand. When you hit the rock for the first time and get berries, a time limit starts. During this time you have to keep hitting the rock and you will get more berries with each hit (in groups of 8). To prevent the berries from flying too far and to make sure you get them all, we recommend that you dig three holes behind you. If you are lucky, you can get up to 32,000 berries with the money rock.

If you go out every day to walk around your town in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you may have noticed that every day a rock appears in a place where it wasn’t before. Tap this rock with your hand and it will break to discover that it contains various types of minerals such as gold, silver, ruby, sapphire, emerald or amethyst. You can use these minerals to make custom furniture, but you can also sell them and get a good amount of berries.

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