Assassins creed origins sin salida

Assassins creed origins sin salida

A ray of hope assassin’s creed origins

Throughout Egypt you will discover papyrus paper with riddles written on them. This Assassins Creed Origins Papyrus Papyri Puzzle Guide will help you solve the riddles so you can complete the hidden objectives and reap the rewards.

Hint: A few hundred meters northwest of Sekhmet’s temple in Yamu, which is located next to Lake Mareotis, is a great place to go on a date. Filled with palm trees and surrounded by desert, a rock fence was built and closed with no way out. Meet me there.

Solution: Head to the island east of Yuma. From the fast travel point, head south through the initial ruins to find a large pillar. There is a statue nearby, look behind the pillar so you can’t see the statue.

Solution: This one is pretty easy. Head to the player marker above. Just north of the river divide is a single tree. If you approach it from the north, you’ll have to descend a bit. Look next to the tree to find it.

Papyrus the sea of sand

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Assassins creed origins a fallen friend

With this guide we will show you the location and solution to the 25 papyri scattered throughout the temples of the Assassin’s Creed Origins game world. Collecting the papyri will earn you some XP as a reward, but each papyrus will leave you with a puzzle to decipher that will lead you to a special treasure that, besides earning you special or excellent equipment, will earn you 500XP. and 300 Drachmas.

Solution: in the center of Sap-Meh name there is a gorge that cuts the territory horizontally, inside look for a crocodile den, the treasure is located at the foot of a tree at the edge of the den.

Solution: on the eastern banks of Menfi, where the river enters the city, there are two statues guarding the two banks of the river. Walk east from the southernmost statue and dive into the river. The treasure is submerged in the depths next to a statue.

Solution: northeast of the namesake of Uab, look for a leopard’s den, where the statue of Thoth once stood. Climb the tree approaching the statue and from there perform an act of faith, finally collect the treasure.

This is a place of remembrance for the unfortunate masses.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Papyrus Riddles – Solution and LocationThere are many riddles scattered throughout AC Origins written on papyrus. We tell you where to find the riddles and how to solve them.

While it is relatively easy to find these papyri or scrolls, the riddles they contain are already more complicated, and we will have to think to find out which place they refer to…. or consult this guide.ADVERTISEMENT

When we solve the puzzle we receive a rare or legendary weapon or shield of the level in which our character is. In general they are very good equipments. If we solve at least one papyrus we will receive the achievement or trophy Elemental, dear Bayek.

The papyri are usually in temples, libraries or places of worship. The game tells us when an area has a papyrus, and reminds us with an icon on our radar. We can search for the papyrus ourselves, or use Senu to scan the surroundings and find it easily. Then, it’s up to us to guide ourselves through the riddle to find out where we need to go.

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