Breath of the wild cronologia

Breath of the wild cronologia

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One of the biggest headaches that has always given ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is to place all deliveries in a chronological order, because they have never followed one in order of publication, but some are set before others and there are even three timelines that were created following the events that took place in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’.

However, while ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ is placed at the highest point of this timeline, with ‘Breath of the Wild’ the exact opposite has happened and therefore it is placed at the end of the whole story. Therefore, this causes a new doubt and is the fact that it is not specified whether it arises from any of the three timelines that opened ‘Ocarina of Time’, since it only appears separate from all other games.

Eiji Aonuma: The story of Hyrule changes over time. When we think about the next game and what we want to do with it, we may think «Oh, this fits really well,» and we carefully place it in the timeline, but sometimes we think «Oh, crap,» and we have to change its place. Actually, the story has been changed many times.

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In the age of myths, a tribe was chosen for a divine mission. The Sheikah were sent by the goddess Hylia to protect her reincarnated mortal form, events that occurred prior to the founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule. It is said that this was an ancestor of the royal family of Hyrule, which is why the Sheikah have protected her from danger for many ages and have been given the mission to pass on the legends and their knowledge.

The Sheikah clan has served the royal family from the shadows and helped them maintain prosperity in Hyrule. Throughout history there have been times when they have stained their hands with questionable activities such as assassinations and executions. It is possible that their history involves a cycle, a bloody one.

Thanks to Zora monuments it can be known that in the remote past Princess Ruto was born into the Zora royal family. She becomes a sage and fought alongside the hero and the princess to seal Ganon. The monarch, not very skilled in the art of war, wears an armor made by the queen in which she has woven one of her white scales. Thus he repels an invasion of lizalfos and a new tradition begins among the Zora. The Zora princess will always weave the armor worn by her beloved.

the legend of zelda: breath of t…

The chronology of The Legend of Zelda until the end of 2011 had been one of the most intense debates about the saga among fans. This debate was concluded once Nintendo published the book Hyrule Historia, which revealed the official chronology.

The Legend of Zelda chronology storyline has evolved throughout history, both in the official history as well as in its various interpretations. For a long time, the Chronology has been the biggest mystery among fans of the series. Nintendo’s far-reaching and profound method of incorporating the «gameplay first and story later» formula has not only produced some of the best games of all time, but has also resulted in an incoherent chronology, full of loose ends, contradictions and general confusion. Fortunately, this has motivated fans to do their best to filter, sort and organize canonical content about The Legend of Zelda.

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While we wait for the release of Zelda Skyward Sword HD or to know new details of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 for Nintendo Switch (or Switch Pro…), what better than a marathon of this incredible saga following the chronological order of its events; a rewarding experience for fans.

Hidden gems of the Nintendo Switch catalog that are well worth playingNintendo Switch is the ideal console to discover indie gems of yesterday and today … and its catalog is full. We select some of the most interesting.

From The Legend of Zelda to Link To The Past, from Ocarina of Time to Majora’s Mask, or from Breath of the Wild to Link’s Awakening, here we are going to show you all the Zelda games in chronological order. So you know, grab your sword and shield, this adventure in Hyrule begins.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword focuses on the origins of the context in which the rest of the installments will take place, before the Master Sword makes an appearance and before the foundation of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Link is a childhood friend of Princess Zelda, who begins his adventure on the flying island of Skyloft. For the record, an HD version for Switch will be released on July 16.

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