Dark souls remastered requisitos

Dark souls remastered requisitos

Dark souls 1 requirements

Do you want to know what are the minimum and recommended requirements to play Dark Souls: Remastered on PC? Below we show you the requirements and official technical specifications that your computer needs to run the game so you can know how much space it occupies, how much RAM, processor or graphics is recommended to have to get the best performance and everything you need to know if your PC is compatible with Dark Souls: Remastered or not.

13:03 8/9/2021 | The ‘youtuber’ specialized in FromSoftware’s saga ‘illusory wall’ has used an artificial intelligence system to recreate realistic versions of Solaire, Andre and Gwynevere, among others.

Dark souls remastered download

The impact of ‘Dark Souls’ was thunderous: From Software’s ARPG became an instant classic, although no matter how much of a fan of the original we are, we must admit that its remastered aspect, which will arrive on current desktops, fits it like a glove. But, what if we already have it on PC?

Bandai Namco wants to make it easy for us to make the leap to this new version on desktops: for starters, if we already have the ‘DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Edition’ we can upgrade to the remastered version at a special price: an attractive 50% discount.

An interesting incentive, considering that it is the version that includes all the extras (including an unpublished chapter of the world of Lordran) and has been discounted on more than one occasion. What’s more, it can currently be purchased at a very reasonable 20 euros on Steam.

This discount has been confirmed through the Japanese website of the game, so if we do not have any of the editions at the end it would remain at approximately 40 euros that will cost on other platforms.

Dark souls remastered steam

The said game has a very different structure from other games as it has two linked categories which results in a much crazier and magical adventure, this was developed by From Software and released by Bandai Namco for the date of May 25, 2018. The company created the game with a number of requirements to give an optimal adventure. The following are:

This is a game belonging to the action genre, the same was distributed by Namco Bandai Games and developed by the company From Software, originally known as Project Souls, is the second installment of Souls.

Although it went on sale for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows consoles on September 22, 2011, in Japan they had to wait until October 4, two more days in North America and finally on October 7, 2011 arrived throughout Europe.

The objective of the game will be to end the curse of the so-called «Hollows» while annihilating the enemies that get in the way and eliminating the final bosses found in each level.

Dark souls remastered pc

I’ll get to the point. When I make a sudden movement or many particles appear my pc freezes and I vote me out of the game. According to the requirements I could play it well enough, in fact I played ds2 without problems. I would like to know if it happens to you too or is it mostly because of my pc, if it is not too much trouble. And obviously if anyone has a solution it would be helpful.

To my consolation I am not the only one … It was also unplayable for me so there it is, besides I could not return the purchase because I bought it from another guy who had the 50% discount. Well gg 🙁

So what are the specs of your pc? If you say it meets the requirements you should have no problem running the game. Because I don’t think it’s more shitty than my pc, which I reiterate, runs the game without problems even if it’s shitty.

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