New style boutique 3 estilismo para celebrities

New style boutique 3 estilismo para celebrities

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In Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 you will run your own boutique, serve customers and find them outfits suitable to their style. This time, the customers’ stories will unfold differently depending on the outfits you choose.

Become a renowned stylist and work with rising stars – what look should they wear for their stage debut is up to you! Choose from over 20,000 new and reissued outfits, with much more to discover.

new style boutique 3 styling for celebrities

You can access the cell phone from anywhere and at any time by pressing the X button or touching the icon at the top right of the touch screen. Here you can save the game if you want to stop playing without losing information.

– Wholesaler: Available when you have purchased products in the fashion center. You will be able to order products directly without having to go to the fashion center, as long as you have previously purchased them. You will see two icons on each item, the pink house icon indicates that you have at least one unit in your boutique warehouse, the blue one that it is available.

– Miautube: Here you can log in to see all the videos that are appearing in the story. You will be able to watch them again in their entirety whenever you want. You have the option to use different cameras to watch it, one free, one medium shot and one full body. In addition, you will be able to change the subtitles, to see the translation of the lyrics or read the original lyrics.

– Trophies: You will be able to see a list with all the trophies you can get by completing different achievements in the game. You can see a complete list or select them by categories. You can also choose one of them to display it in your manager tab (which is visible when you connect online with other players).

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Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star: Manage your own fashion boutique, talk to your customers and find the outfit that suits their needs. This time, your customers’ stories will have different outcomes depending on the outfit you choose. Become a style legend and work for the stars of the future in Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star.

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new style boutique 3 – estilismo para celebrities

Como aspirante a fashionista con grandes sueños, toma las riendas de una boutique en apuros, transforma su suerte y conviértete en la estilista más influyente del momento.Las clientas se pasarán por tu elegante tienda para que les aconsejes sobre las últimas novedades de moda. Escucha sus peticiones y comparte tus consejos más modernos para ayudarles a encontrar el look perfecto. Tanto si se trata de un vestido para una cita como de un abrigo para una entrevista de trabajo crucial, tendrás que elegir el conjunto adecuado para cada situación.

Conviértete en una estrella del estilismo ¡Antes de que te des cuenta, estarás estilizando a las estrellas del mañana! Trabaja con Ethan, el fundador de una importante agencia de talentos, para ser pionero en la creación de nuevos looks para las estrellas emergentes de la industria musical.

Observa cómo estas futuras celebridades suben al escenario para realizar fabulosas actuaciones en directo, irrumpiendo en la glamurosa escena musical con los mismos trajes que tú has elegido. Vive la vida de la ciudad Con el poder de la moda, transformarás un pintoresco pueblo en una próspera ciudad de estilo y sofisticación, llena de nuevas oportunidades que aprovechar.

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