Travis strikes again: no more heroes

Travis strikes again: no more heroes

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In addition to being pivotal to the story created to come to fruition in No More Heroes 3, Travis Strikes Again represents a major breakthrough for Goichi Suda and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture. After the release of the first No More Heroes, Suda51 took a step back from directing the studio’s titles, and instead allowed other directors to helm projects like Shadows of the Damned, The Assassin is Dead, and even No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Suda instead took on creative or executive roles for these projects, which ultimately reduced his involvement in the actual direction of the games the studio was producing. With Travis strikes again, Suda decided it was time to return to the director’s chair, taking inspiration from indie games like Hotline Miami, which influenced the t-shirts that the player can customize Travis with throughout the game.

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Travis Strikes Again, get your Beam Katana ready! Travis has been sucked by the Death Drive Mk II console into a world where whoever gets all the Death Balls will have his wishes granted. Or not… Play as Travis, Badman and, if you have what it takes, even Shinobu and Bad Girl.

The game features non-bloody combat in which the character in command defeats his enemies with a sword. The save game feature often includes scatological humor that may be inappropriate for minors. In addition, some of the female characters are dressed provocatively (though not sexually explicit).

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There are games that are born from precise ideas and others that are forced to juggle in the chaos of the laws of Mercaro, being realized in the first place with specific marketing purposes behind. Goichi Suda knows this well, so much so that he has never hidden the fact that Travis strikes again It was not de facto No More Heroes 3. What this has led fans to be quite skeptical and suspicious about the final result. Now, with the game available on virtual and non-Nintendo Switch shelves, we can finally understand with our eyes, hands and ears if this kind of «dress rehearsal» towards NMH3 is worth its (meager) purchase price. And especially to see if Suda51 has not lost his brilliant and somewhat grotesque artistic touch.

Let’s start immediately by saying one thing: I want a lot of good in Suda. ES Travis strikes again: no more heroes is a game absolutely in line with its lighthearted spirit and a little crazy. Good old Goichi has pulled out of his mind a spin-off that is none other than the sum of the fun craziness that has pervaded his titles since Killer7 (or maybe even earlier). In DNA there is a great deal of No More Heroes in the game, as it is nothing more than a hack ‘n’ slash often framed with a functional bird’s-eye view. And if the «plot» is obviously just a pretext, the evil Bad Man must avenge the death of his daughter Charlotte at the hands of Travis Touchdown – it’s the rest that overwhelms (within limits) the player.

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Travis strikes again, Beam Katana loaded and ready! He’s been sucked into the legendary Death Drive Mk II game console, where anyone who collects all the death balls gets their wish (… or do they?).

Let’s see now the average length of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition according to the different styles of play for each of the platforms that have a version of it:

It is not the purpose of this data to reflect the skill of the players, but to inform about the maximum and minimum times, taking into account that many prefer to play idly and others in the fastest possible way:

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